Blueprint Crochet: Under the hood

{Edited to include size range!}

Thank you so much for those of you who have already Pre-Ordered Blueprint Crochet! You make me smile!

I know when I am looking at a book I am always wondering, what's under the hood?

So here you are*....

Table of Contents

The Basics
Crochet Symbols
Understanding Granny Square Diagrams
Understanding Stitch Pattern Diagrams
How to Use this Book

Effortless Motifs

Quick Stitch Patterns
Maureen Tunic, 4 sizes from 34" to 46" bust
Nora Belt, 4 sizes from 32 1/2" to 40" (low waist)

Vogue Granny Motifs
Katie Bolero, 4 sizes from 32" to 45"
Megan Sweater, 4 sizes from 30" to 44"
Maggie Wrap Top, 4 sizes from 34" to 47 1/2"
Paige Sweetheart Top, 4 sizes from 33" to 48"
Raeanne Shawl Sweater, 4 sizes from 34" t0 44"

Stitch Pattern Styles
Sarah Bee Dress, 4 sizes from 34" to 46"
Rachel Swing, 4 sizes from 31" to 42"
Rebecca Vest, 4 sizes from 28" to 45"
Christin Crop, 4 sizes from 32" to 46"
Courtney Corset Top, 4 sizes from 32" to 44"

*All the links above are to my sneak previews. Interweave should have a slideshow of more of the projects and such in the next few months. You can be definitely sure I will share that with you as soon as they post it! Also as soon as I can, I will update this list with a list of sizes and more info on each chapter too. Have to wait until we go through final final editing before I list that though.
Looking through the table of contents a few things may have popped out. One, if you are really keeping track at home you will notice that a few of my sneak preview projects are not on the list. Yup, a number of projects got cut. I know I am sad about it as well. All is not lost though. I do plan on releasing those patterns in the future too, just in a different format (aka. you will be able to purchase the "cutting room floor" patterns from me ala carte.) Secondly, you probably have noticed that I named everything with a proper name. I did that for two reasons. First because I thought naming the projects "Sweater 1" "Sweater 2" wasn't really original. But more importantly, as you know I like to imagine the woman I am designing a project for while I am designing. In this case, I used women in my family as my inspiration. So all of those lovely people above are real people. They are my sisters, my nieces, my mothers. Well, one of them is. Two of my mothers and my grandmothers projects were cut. (Good think I got to thank them in the intro!). I don't know how others do it, but this process so works for me. Its so easy to pick out colors and styles when I can imagine what my sister would like to make and wear. Lastly, as you will notice most of these projects are sweaters. What can I say? I love sweaters!
Hope you enjoyed this quick peek under the hood. I have more and more in store for you as the release date gets closer. Stay Tuned~


naomi said...

Oh Robyn, you're really making it tough to wait for my book..... Everything looks fabulous !!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get your book =) It's gonna be SOO fabulous!! You're such a great designer.

Melody said...

The book looks really good. What's the size range of your patterns? I'm busty so I'm not sure if anything will fit me.

Kristi said...

I'm very much looking forward to this - I see several things I might want to make, or make variations on. I love the sound of the "blueprint" approach.

I'm also very glad you'll be releasing the "cutting room floor" projects for us to enjoy too!

Norah said...

I love your designs! I see several I want to make. I'ms so glad they're mostly sweaters too--I love crocheted sweaters and often there are only a few sweaters and a ton of other things in some crochet books, so I'm really excited about yours!

Boupie said...

I just love this book. I am so happy I found it. Thanks for the charts, they make this so much easier!