Sneak Peek Monday

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I am hiding out from the world today, recovering from a bug. But I couldn't help but peek out from under my covers to show off another finished project.

This one was crocheted wonderfully by my cousin Rebecca, who sadly is blogless. She and I share a ton of crafty habits in common that make me chuckle in delight every time we react to something the same way.

You can see this has my signature style (well if I had a signature style) of circles on the edging. I have no idea what it is about circles, but I get sucked into doing them all the time. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca , so its amazingly soft and warm. I wore it all weekend while I was editing and designing, and I really don't want to have to give it up.

This week I am sending half of the book to the editors. Wish me luck that they still love the projects and don't want to sack me and find a new author. But since I will be obsessing over every last detail on them, I am afraid I will be a bit quiet until I know its in their hands. Ok, back to bed for me.


Megan said...

Silly, I bet they're going to love it! I'm excited to see more than just snippets - they all look like I'd want to crochet them for myself, which rarely happens anymore. But I'll wish you luck anyway. :)

Ginny said...

How could they not love them? The sneak peaks have been beautiful!

Amie said...

Yes, like they're going to spit it back at you and make you do it all over again! Yer so silly.

Kellycat said...

I sure hope you feel better real soon. I'm sure the editors are going to love it, stop fretting.