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sarah sneak zipper view
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Here's my last sneak peek for a few weeks, while I write my little heart out this month.

This project is pretty special to me, since I wrote it on vacation, and so it will always remind me of the beach. Plus, I wrote it and no more then two weeks later Chie was sending me the stitched project. She is so great like that! I being bad though, saved the fun parts for myself.

Yes, the blocking. The yarn is Louet Merlin (linen/ wool blend), and I obviously can't tell you enough; but its machine washable and dryable. Its so much fun watching it transform through blocking. I just love it! Plus, Merlin is really lightweight, which is so nice for long garments like this. I can say after spending at least 2 weeks on Susie Q, it hasn't stretched out at all. (See some garments are a bit heavy. I actually have a crocheted dress in cotton, which is lovely. But I can't hang it up, or in a week it will be touching the floor.) Also, light garments are great for layering, which I love to do- and if I fit in this, I could see myself wearing it a lot. But always changing one part that I'm layering it with- fun!

Bonus - Here's a sneak peek from the hem view.

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Kellycat said...

Can't wait to see the finished book! The sneak peeks have been so much fun. I really loved your button tutorial, you really made it look easy. :)