Sneak Preview Weekly

Sneak Preview Weekly

Issue #12: Ridge Preview

This photo sums up our life around here. Faye thinks it's fun that I am constantly moving Susie Q in and out to take photos of her in my crochet. See while, I'm taking pictures, she's staring at our neighbors (which is her favorite pass-time); who are staring at me and wondering why I keep fussing with that mannequin. They are the same neighbors who were glaring at me two weekends ago when I was crocheting this sweater in a hurry to meet the deadline, instead of gardening like they all were doing. Even though, most of them have some idea that I crochet for a living; they still think I am slacking off all weekend. It makes me chuckle thinking of them stewing that I play all day. (B/c I pretty much do!)
So how quickly was I crocheting? Well, let's just say I crocheted this hip length, long sleeved, cardigan in 4 days. That includes frogging it completely at least twice. I didn't pull any late nights or all-nighters, I just crocheted when I could. So I can say with confidence that this is a quick project. It is also my new favorite project. It was inspired by a washcloth I made my sister-in-law. I loved the stitch construction so much, I thought why not in a garment? And I LOVE the results. (Even Mr CBF admired it too) This cutie will be seen in a fall crochet magazine. I'll let you know where and when as soon as I can.


Mary Sarah said...

This is gonna be another great design! I'd much rather crochet than do yard work!

Annette said...

What a beautiful fabric!

Kim Werker said...

I'm sure my neighbours think the same thing about me. I walk my dog in the middle of the day, yet don't weed until the seeds have spread nicely to all the nearby yards. Heh.