Sneak Peek - Oh oasis!

Here's another sneak peek into the book. This one is So Pretty!
Ginny did a fantastic job crocheting it for me. As I knew she would. Just look at how pretty those stitches are. She also wrote up a little about working with the yarn on her blog, Yarning with a a hook.
The yarn, SWTC OASIS, is really fun to work with. Its does crunch up on itself while you are working with it. Then you block it and a whole new world opens up. I had so much fun designing with this yarn that I went ahead and started another one of these, just so I could play with blocking. Really, its that fun. You pin down this ball that's supposed to be a granny square. You spray it with water, let it dry, and you get this gorgeously soft and silky masterpiece.
For those keeping track at home, that's 4 completed samples and 10 written patterns. More soon!


Amie said...

It's hands down the best yarn on the market (IMO). The top looks great!

SAM said...

I must try this yarn - having a hard time getting the rep to come see us. Again - from what I can see this is another fabulous design.