Sneak Peek- into the bag

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Another sneak peek into my book for you today.

You know, It feels a bit wrong to have you look into by bag. Bc you are not supposed to look into a woman's purse. But I am really proud of the inside. See I am a pretty horrid seamstress, but I did pretty well on this project. And it just makes me smile!

The bag is made from SWTC's Vickie Howell Rock yarn. I got special help from my mom, crocheting all the circles. It was a fun project with us playing with all the circles, figuring out where we wanted them to go. It was like a jig-saw puzzle that you didn't have a picture for.

On a completely unrelated note, do you remember me telling you how awful we have been with keeping up with the jungle, aka yard? Well yesterday Mark came home to one of our neighbors in our yard. He thought that was kinda weird since only one of our many neighbors have ever introduced themselves in the years we have lived here, and it wasn't that neighbor. So he went out to say hi, b/c he is a friendly sort of guy. Turns out she was watering our tree.

The tree is a yellow buckeye tree. Its pretty well know in Ohio. I am not a huge fan, since every year I have to clean up hundreds of huge buckeyes (they are a little bigger then a tennis ball- and are poisonous) that fall from it. Plus its not really pretty. The leaves hang like they are dead. And it starts to turn and fall in August, or ours has every year we have been here. I guess I am just partial to the maples where I grew up, but that's another story.

Anyway, she's out there watering it. Isn't that weird? Would you walk into your neighbor's yard and water their tree? Their 100 or so year old tree? Without asking? Keep in mind, I have never ever watered any tree in my life. I thought this was the strangest thing ever. But she thought we are evil people letting this tree die. I guess we just value different things. In the heat of the summer, and with water at short supply, we don't believe in watering. Anything. Not the grass and certainly not the tree. It just kind of makes me laugh, at us trying to conserve water and she thinking we are killing nature. So what do you think? Am I the nut job thinking its weird to water your huge trees?


Tiffy McN said...

TOTALLY weird. Completely, totally weird.

Julie said...

Seems pretty futile to water such a large tree. If it were a new tree, okay.

My neighbor had a tree that appeared to be dying. One day she saw a man ripping off the yellow ribbon she had tied around it. She ran out asking him what he thought he was doing and the man said that the ribbon was killing the tree. When he ripped it off you could see the indentation. We thought it was funny because we always wondered why the tree was suffering but never thought about it actually choking.

Linda said...

I thought the same thing as Julie. It doesn't really do any good to water a large tree. The roots go too deep.
I love your patterns.
(Going back to lurking now.)

normanack said...

I have heard other gardeners say that most of a tree's water-collecting is actually done very close to the surface (makes sense, to make immediate use of rainfall), which is why grass dries out more quickly under a tree's branchline. It's also the reason why gardeners recommend that you mulch under the branchline, rather than grow grass right up to the trunk.
Personally I never water the lawn and only water new plants in my garden, and only when it's very dry, until they are established. I admit that I do water trees when they are visibly suffering. (I've only seen this happen to young trees in my yard.)