Mission Falls Goes Crochet: Under the hood

Amy and I are doing a little victory dance this weekend. We have finished the edits for my new booklet, and it feels great to have another big task crossed off our lists. Now that I have sent in all the patterns, I am all ready to give you a bit more info on what you can find inside. Remember this booklet will be available in August at your local yarn store. You can find a list of the closest one to you on Mission Falls' website. If you are heading to TNNA or Stitches this summer, you will be able to see all the projects in person.

Table of Contents

Calla Lily Cowl - sized to fit 36", 39", 42" chest

Hydrangea Crop - sized to fit 34", 38", 42", 46" chest
Hibiscus Car Coat - sized to fit 34", 38", 42", 46" chest

Gladiolus Cardigan - sized to fit 33", 37", 41", 45" chest

Blue Iris Vest - sized to fit 34", 39", 44", 49" chest
Blooming Hat and Scarf

Rock Wrap - sized to fit 12mth, 2yrs, 4yrs
Waffle Pullover - sized to fit 12mth, 2 yrs, 4yrs

Green Machine Truck - the little boy is sitting on it in the picture. (I know totally adorable!)

Granite Tread Vest- sized to fit 39", 43", 47", 51" chest



Norah said...

That;s so exciting! I can't wait until it's available--there are several things I want to make in there!

Julie said...

The link to your booklet didn't work, but your things are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff as usual Robyn.

Thata said...

Wow... its gorgeous. You're one of my fav Robin

maryam nawaz said...

Anyone has this book please email me nargisnawaz660@gmail.com