daisy snow sneak peek

daisy snow sneak
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Morning everyone!

Welcome back to a normal work week after the holidays! I myself am a bit sluggish, since relishing in the short weeks. Oh wait, this week is short for me too. (~Big Grin~) I leave for CA on Thursday to head to mecca (aka TNNA). I am so excited (as usual), to see friends and play with yarn; but more on that later.

Before I head off, I wanted to show you this latest project. Its the shawl for the booklet I talked about a few weeks ago. I am so happy with the colors and the motifs. (Thank you, Diane!) I wore it around all weekend before I let Susie Q model for us all.

As for a mini update on the booklet, patterns are flowing nicely from my head. I have about 4 more to write up. My wonderful crocheters and I are busy stitching. 4 of the projects are all done, which I will slowly be showing off sneak peeks to you guys soon. Honestly, my hardest desicion right now is how many to bring along to work on on the plane. I really don't want another episode like over the holidays when I ran out of yarn. So I am thinking of bringing an extra suitcase just of projects to carry on with me, that's not too too crazy, right? Who cares if I have no clothes to wear, as long as my hands are busy stitching, right?

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Amy O'Neill Houck said...

You are too, too funny--just when I'm trying to scale DOWN my luggage because you usually pack so light! I'm not bringing much project yarn because I'm stopping in SF on the way and hope to pick up some fun stuff at ARTFIBERS!!!