Booklet Progress: Project 7 Completed

Continuing on our journey in my progress on the new booklet is another cute project that I am thrilled to show you.

Project 7: Baby Wrap

Pattern Complete, Sample complete (just need buttons)

1. Why did you choose this project for your booklet?
As you know from the first baby project in the booklet, my second favorite thing to crochet is baby clothes. They are quick and are super cute. Being that I have 12 nieces, I am really into girly projects, mainly because I love dreaming up new gifts for them. I also like to play with new techniques and stitches in baby clothes, since they are small you can learn a lot and still be quick with the crocheting. This top was born from my niece's love of all things ballet (in this case, a ballet wrap top) and my own style of a little punk never hurt anyone.

2. What drew you to this crochet stitch/square?
I was looking for a textured pattern again, you have heard that before! Again, It needed to be able to drape and be pretty simple to get the hang of because I wanted the construction of the panels to fly. I wanted the main bam moment to be in the edging. This lacy edging is a combo of 3 different Victorian laces that spoke to me. I wanted it big, and holey. Something that can be soothing to the cutie to wear (you know so they can play with the edging like a blankie), but not so big that their whole hand would pop through. Plus, I really like the tough and girly stitches together. Very Rock Star-ish.

3. Did any of the project change while you were writing?
Speaking of Rock Star.... The main change was the color. My original idea was a solid color wrap, which is still very pretty. But it was a bit too pretty for what I was thinking. I definitely wanted more rock star and less princess. By changing just the main body to a variegated color, it gave the whole project a new attitude. Plus the bold edging, really pops and I think will really make your little cutie stand out in a crowd.

4. What is your goal with this project?
The main goal with this project was to create a baby sweater that really popped. Something that would be fun to make and fun for the cutie to wear. I want to thank Chie for her great work yet again. I really think this project is a hit!

I wanted to remind you readers, since some of you were so nice to ask me, that this booklet is for a secret yarn company. It will be released this fall. In a few months you can be sure, since I can't keep a secret, I will let you know exactly when and where you can purchase it. Thank you so much for all your feedback already. Each of your emails really do put a huge smile on my face!


Laura said...

Wow, that looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see the completed booklet!

Kiba said...

Thanks for sharing your process for the booklet designs. I love to read about how you choose your stitch patterns and where you get your inspiration.

DesiLoop said...

Very cute!!

Do you use any softwares or tools while designing your projects?

- eSS

Robyn said...


Nope, The only tool I use are my hands. I like to write out the pattern in symbols to chart the increases and decreases. -Robyn

DesiLoop said...

Very Nice. And do you eventually transfer your patterns/ charts to excel for the final draft?

Robyn said...

I don't use excel for my patterns. My crochet patterns don't work out into nice spreadsheet-able formulas. I draw all my diagrams and schematics in AutoCad (its an architectural drawing software). -Robyn

DesiLoop said...

Oh good to know. Thanks for sharing.
All the Best for the remaining designs. I love going through the process with you. :)

- eSS