Day in the Life.... Friends

Thank you guys! I am tickled that you guys liked my "day in the life" of this structural crochet engineer! I totally owe the idea to Julie, so THANK YOU!

Did I tell you that I have some fantastic friends? Within hours of posting a bunch of my friends emailed me that they were inspired too to write their own "day in the life" posts. Woo-hoo!

Who are these friends? Awesome crochet designers that's who!

So stay tuned for an exciting trip next week when we will get to walk through the lives of 6 of my wonderful crochet designer friends. I am so excited I could hardly stand it!

Here's the schedule*:
Monday, May 12th --- Amie, owner of NexStitch, Art Teacher, and Crochet Designer
Tuesday, May 13th--- Mary Beth, Author of the Secret Language of Knitters, Host of Getting Loopy, Bunny Parent, Mom, and Crochet Designer
Wednesday, May 14th--- Margaret, Fiber Design Veteran, Author of scores of fiber books, Grandmother, and Crochet Designer
Thursday, May 15th--- Amy, Tech editor, Author of Knits for Bears to Wear, Mom, Moving to remote Alaska, and Crochet Designer
Friday, May 16th--- Vashti, CGOA board Member, Mom, and Crochet Designer
Saturday, May 17th--- Ellen, Mom, Afghan Maven, and Crochet Designer

*And add, "and so much more" to the end of each of these great ladies

Exciting right? I know!

Can't wait for next week? Then mosey over to Kim Werker's Blog. She took up my challenge pronto! You all know Kim, editor of Interweave Crochet. But did you know that she works from her home office in Canada? See, it gets addicting, right? If you want to join the fun, or already have; just leave me a comment and I'll link to your post too. Can't wait!

At the end of the month, I'll have even more in store with more "day in the life" of even more of my friends in the crocheting world. So stay tuned!


Kim Werker said...

Hey Robyn. Thanks for the shout-out! I've since also posted about a weekday. :)

julia said...

hey, I just read there was a whole schedule involved... But I was planning on writing a post like this thursday next week. Anyways, I really enjoyed reading yours.