Have you guys checked out Craft Stylish?
It's a relatively new website that talks about all crafts; anything from crochet and knitting to quilts and jewelry. They have book reviews, product reviews, and how-to tips and tricks. Linda Permann is the crochet contributor at the site. She was super nice enough to interview me about crochet. You can read the article here. But Linda, is also a crochet designer, herself. You can see a lot of her work in Crochet Today. One of my favorite projects of hers was a stiffened doily bowl from a few issues back. So, you know she is going to be giving you lots of great tips. I really loved her article on how and why you would want to use a stitch gauge. When you get a minute, check them out, and bookmark the page. I think you are going to really love the site!

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