Sensual Crochet: Behind the Scences and Book Review

I got a heads up from Crochetville and from a few of the blogs I read, that yes indeed Sensual Crochet (by Amy Swenson) was already on bookshelves around the country. I was quite surprised since it was a full month early, so I decided I had to see for myself. Plus, on a more selfish note, I noticed online at B&N that the cover was my Angel Bunny Cowl, but at Amazon it was Amy's Red Hot Halter. So naturally, I had to see for myself which one was the cover, and we drove over to check it out. I am pretty floored that yes indeed, my Angel Bunny was the cover at Barnes and Noble! Crazy! Three cover designs in one season. That just blew me away.

So what's mine inside?

Angel Bunny Cowl: Its an angora blend convertible cowl neck sweater. Flip it down and wear it off both shoulders, or as Suzie shows off one, or as a cowl. Lorna's Laces Angel is heavenly to work with- so soft. It is worked in the round, so there is minimal sewing. Its sized from bust 28" to 47", and will look great with a little positive or negative ease. You can read more about it on my previous post here.

Rose Lace Wrap: Its a vest with a bunch of Granny Squares connected as you go, yes a favorite of mine. The publishers were great with including almost all of my stitch diagrams, so it really takes this projects from challenging to you-can-do-it. I love the Back, it really reminds me of lace. The vest is sized from a 30" to 45" bust. You can read more about this one here on the blog.

But what else is inside? Well, Amy included garments from a couple other awesome crochet designers. Like Annie Modesitt, Amie Hirtes, and Amy ONeill Houck, just to name a few. The book has 21 garments and a 4 accessories. Most are written for a bust range of 32-48, but some are written up to 52 and one was a 60 inch bust. You can see a preview of most of the design on Amy's Flickr account. My only criticism is that some schematics and diagrams are awesome with lots of info, and others have hardly any info at all or have corners (with stitches) cropped. But since it was the publishers first time at a crochet book, its easy to overlook; since the photography is lovely and you know with Amy leading it and Amy tech editing it the patterns are going to be written well.

Some of my favorites are:

Amy's Autumn Berry Cardigan

Its written from a 37" to 53"bust. This design is really pretty plus you know since its so drapey that it will look beautiful on many many body types.

Amie's Seaside Romance Skirt

Its written from an XS to XXL, low waist of 31-41". It uses SWTC's oasis, which is a favorite of mine. Give this skirt a light blocking, and you will amaze your friends with its flowy fabric.

Amy's Silken Shells Cowl

Its written from a 30 to 46" bust with Artyarn's Silk Rhapsody. I could definitely see this top under a jacket for work, or going out to a nice dinner. Its just a lovely layering vest.
I hope you all get a chance to check out the book, it looks like a keeper to me.


Deneen said...

I love the cowl you created, it's gorgeous!

Norah said...

Your cowl sweater is sensational--I already have it in my Ravelry queue!

Amie said...
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Misti said...

I just bought the book last night. I looked as several new ones that came out recently and this one was the best IMO. Beautiful stuff!

misti @ oceanicwilderness.com

Unknown said...

Can anyone help me with the directions of the keyhole sweater? I had to rip it because it came out with a front piece that was too big and a neck piece and sleeve holes too small. I found the directions for this seater quite difficult to follow, and there are no diagrams to urther explain the construction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!