Spring Sneak Peek

Button detail

It's a little odd to talk about this new design I just shipped off today, since you most definitely could not wear it today. (Let's just say more then one person today commented that I looked like a snow bunny, since I was all bundled up in my ski jacket.) Anyway, this project is for a book contribution that I am quite excited about, which I will have to keep under lock and key for a bit. Lets just say that I had the exact (well almost exact) idea for a book like this, but it was one of those- I was too swamped to jump on my idea kind of things. So I am so excited to be able to contribute a design, because I really hope this book does well.

The yarn is Kollage Yummy, which I have not worked with before. Its a bamboo/ wool blend. Very silky feeling. Immediate drape, which is nice, but in this project I actually could have used a yarn with more elastic. That's ok though, I figured out how to get around that with LOTS of darts and decreasing around the border. It blocks beautifully, with just a light spritz of water. I could definitely see using the yarn again, maybe in a lacy flowy top. I had a lot of fun picking out the buttons. I picked up at least 4 different ones (well there was a sale- and you never can have too many buttons). I finally picked the ones above, b/c I liked how big they are and how ornate too. Reminded me of the motif in the pattern of the project. You will probably see this next summer or fall, which may see like forever from now; but will be here in a blink of an eye.


Manda said...

Hi Robyn - Like always, your pictures have my finger itching to pick up a crochet hook. This is just lovely - an example of how crochet can (and should!) look. I've been lurking on your blog for about a year, and just love your designs! -- Amanda

Robyn said...

Thank you, Manda!

Mary Sarah said...

This is gorgeous! Can't wait for the premier photo! Beautiful color and edge and buttons!