Changes to my Cardi

So a lot of you have been asking how I am changing my version of the Comfi Cardi, which is a great question. As you know I am making the large size in the chest and small size in the arms, this is of course bc I know my measurements and need to make these changes. So before attempting any alterations, just double check your measurements against the schematic. If you are unsure, also measure your favorite cardigan that fits how you want the cardi to fit and compare the schematic.

Ok, so you should know up front that I think differently then most (big surprise right?). When I am planning out the sizes I don't think in sts count, I think in stitch repeats. What are stitch repeats? Then are whatever you need to crochet between the * * (usually). So if we look at the stitch diagram for this project, its one V-st and 5 dc on this pattern. Also I think of the row amounts in terms of row repeats. What are row repeats? They are how ever many different rows you need to do before they all repeat again. In this pattern we have 4 rows in one row repeat. Basically it breaks down the schematic to me in little boxes instead of sts and rows. What can I say, it works for me.

Anyway, the large size in the chest has 12 stitch repeats, so I crocheted 12. I followed the pattern up to the arms. (Now I am also changing the arm length- which I won't bore you with, but basically I just crocheted on less to get shorter arms). The main changes come at the neck line. The original large arm has 12 RR (row repeats), and I only want to do 10RR. Which mean I need to start the neck before the large directions said so- make sense so far? Anyway after I did 4.5 RR on the arm, I started the neck. I also made the neck smaller too (again, going on my measurements I knew i wanted a smaller neck- keep in mind a small neck will make the collar stand up more - which is what I'm going for). For the neck, I basically centered it on the back with 4 SR (stitch repeats) on either side of it. I merrily crocheted on as my schematic above shows. I hope that makes some sense to you who wanted to make the same changes. Basically, besides crocheting less rows for the arms you need to watch where you place your neck. Anywhere close to the middle will work fine.

Good luck!

(oh and click on the diagrams to make them bigger- and clearer)


Ginny said...

It makes perfect sense to me! That's why I love your patterns.

Yarnartist said...
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Yarnartist said...

Hi Faye, I was wondering how you create your crochet charts? Did you create your symbols in Illustrator and make them yourself or do you have a better way? I am struggling to do it but could use some tips.
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Robyn said...

I use an architectural drawing software, AutoCad, to draw my crochet diagrams and schematics. I did create all my symbols myself. Illustrator is a good software as well. Good luck!