What's up doc?


In typical Robyn style now that the book is all turned in and out of my hands for a while, I decided to jump right back in the design ring with another great book project.

YUP. You heard right! I'm working on another crochet book.

This time its a crochet booklet for a yarn company* that is looking to expand their clientele and draw us cool people in. Pretty smart, huh? This one is going to be a LOT of fun. I'm approaching the booklet as if it were a magazine. So its going to have a wide range of projects, techniques, skill levels, stitches, and colors. (Did I mention they have beautiful colors? Oh my, I'm a lucky gal with all the good stuff I am getting to work with.) For projects, I'm thinking my dream magazine content, lots of garments- at least something for each person in the family from grandma-to dad- to baby, a few accessories, and a few toys. For techniques and stitches, I am going half and half here. Half of my favorite lacy patterns and half textured fabric patterns. You can see some of the swatches on my flickr page. They don't show the actual colors I will be using, but you can get a good idea of how many colors they do have.
Ok, so some of you may think I am absolutely loony for taking on another big project right after I finished one, but let me explain my reasoning. The next steps in the book process is editing, which I won't have a large role in until the end- which is about a month or more away. Then after that the book goes to the book designer to get her manicure and pedicure (well- kinda- the designer basically lays out each page of the book and makes it all pretty). And this takes time, like at least a couple of months. That means I won't be needed until at least spring of next year to look at the galley copy of the book. Well, since sitting around waiting would be torture to me (and to them- I can be a big nag); I thought best solution was to be really really busy. That way when I can finishing up this new project, the book** will need me again- and the distance won't seem so awful to me now. AND when a great company asks if you are interested in making a crochet booklet for them, who in their right mind would say no to that? Not me, I'm so excited I could burst with joy.
I hope you have enjoyed the sneak peeks into my design world , because at least for the near future they will keep coming.
*For the time being, I am keeping the yarn company's name a secret. No real reason, It's just more fun this way. Its like when parents wait to find out if they are having a boy or a girl. I can tell you are going to love the booklet either way, so why not have some fun waiting.
** Since I'm not allowed to tell you the book's actual name yet (mainly b/c it doesn't have one- only a working title), and having two book projects are hard to keep straight, I'm calling the new book a booklet. Its actually much bigger then your typical booklet, but it was smaller then the book. So that's that. I could have been creative and called it something else- like Bob - but what can I say- I only have so much creativity to go around.


AndreaLea said...

I'm so excited to learn more! And I think your idea of including items for everyone is great. I think patterns for men and little boys are lacking.

Vera said...

Congrats on your new book-booklet.
p.s.it would be nice if you allow comments form other websites or blogs.I don't mean anonymous comments, but comments from other blogs.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Yeah! Let the swatching begin!

Mary Sarah said...

Congratulations and way cool! I love seeing your sneak peaks and didn't want them to stop. WhooHoo!

Angela said...

HA! Bob the booklet. :)

SAM said...

You are amazing. You have more great ideas swirling around in your head than I could ever imagine. Looking forward to it all!

Miggins said...

Congratulations on the booklet. I cannot wait until your book comes out, your sneaky peaks are enthralling! By hook or by crook (unintentional crochet pun), I will get hold of it, even if I have to bribe all my Stateside friends to buy and send it over to the UK.

Jenni-Raie said...

this is the second thing i've read about this booklette.. i'm quite intrigued. How would one go about buying this booklet?