Booklet Progress: Project 8 Completed

Moving right along on the new booklet is a fantastic sweater project that I just heard is being shipped to me as we speak.

Project 8: Cowl Sweater

Pattern Complete, Sample Complete (being shipped as we speak)

1. Why did you choose this project for your booklet?
Two reasons- First even though they look horrid on me, I really love the look of cowl neck sweaters. My best friend (who now lives somewhere where she never will wear a sweater) used to wear one everyday- or what seemed like everyday in the winter. She always looked so put together and classy, that I just fell in love with the look. and with all the projects, I see this one being for a woman around my age. So who better to base a sweater on then my best friend? Secondly, I really wanted another granny square project in the book and I'll talk more on that in a minute.

2. What drew you to this crochet stitch/square?
Who knows what draws me in, but what keeps me coming back is the neat lace shapes the motifs make when they are joined together. In this case, the points in the corners and sides get exaggerated and make their own unique shape. I really liked that so I stuck with this motif. I really think granny squares are my number one favorite method of construction. I just love the modular construction and how one can built on another to create these amazing lace fabrics. So since so much of the booklet is stitch patterns, I really wanted at least one more project with this fun construction.*

3. Did any of the project change while you were writing?
Oh yes, something always changes. The main change was in the motif orientation. I was originally seeing the motifs as you see to the right- all in a line. But maybe I have just done too many of these lately, and I got bored with that look. So just for giggles, I rotated the motif 45 degrees. And ahh, I fell in love. The square motifs became diamonds and I thought that look just felt right on this sweater. Sometimes that's all you need, just turn your work a few degrees...

4. What is your goal with this project?
The main goal with this project was to create a classy meets hippy sweater. The cowl style sweater exudes confidence, while the granny square construction keeps the sweater fun and light-hearted. Who could want more with each keeping you smiling.

Stay tuned to see the sneak peek to see how the project came out.

* If you are interested in hearing more about this modular construction, come to my class at Pittsburgh's Knit and Crochet Festival and learn how to make really cool garments with granny squares.*


naomi said...

I just filled out my registration tonight for the class. I'm soooo excited !!!!!

Robyn said...

That's awesome, Naomi! I can't wait. The class should be fun!

Crochet Collection said...

Hi Robyn,

It' looks awesome! I can't wait to see the finished cardigan!

Chelsea from Crochetme