Knitscene Fall 2009

Have you gotten to see the sneak preview of the fall issue of Knitscene? For those of you who are not familiar, Knitscene is produced by Interweave twice a year. It has simple knit and crochet projects. The majority are always knit, but you will find a few crochet projects in each issue. I enjoy magazines with both knit and crochet in them, I find them inspirational to use both of sides of my craft brain. Plus, I like knowing that I can handle all the knit projects in the magazine if I wanted to tackle any. (and in this issue, there are a number of really cute pullovers with raglan details that are adorable.)

For me, I have 2 projects in the issue.

Crochet Coed Vest
It is a simple vest with minimal shaping on purpose to keep the skill level low. The stitch pattern is a simple sc, ch-1 repeat. All the colorwork is row by row, so you don't have to worry about carrying yarns across the row, since you will only use one at a time. Even the pockets are nothing to worry about, being simple slits made by a long ch space. The yarn is Mission Falls 136 Superwash, which really is a great sportweight wool yarn to crochet with. It has just a nice hand and is really soft. It really is worth it, if you are looking for a good wool to crochet machine washable garments. You can check out some more photos of the vest on my flickr or the sneak preview for other styling options.

Crochet Bobble Beret
This hat is constructed as a simple circle to get you to the widest circumference, then just round and round to the desired length. Can't get more basic then that for a hat. The bobble is not your traditional bobble though. I wanted a thin fabric for the beret, and the traditional bobble can get pretty bulky. This stitch pattern uses an extended extended single crochet (about the same height as a double crochet) alternated with regular single crochet to make them pop out like bobbles. The stitch really is not hard at all once you try it, and is pretty fun to crochet. Here are my photos on flickr and the sneak preview.

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