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Interweave Presents Crocheted Gifts: Irresistible Projects to Make & Give

In the mail this week, I received my contributor's copy of Crocheted Gifts by Kim Werker. It is a collection of gifts you can crochet. There are a number of well known designers included in the book, which makes it a pretty special project for me to be included. Plus, their designs are really interesting. Actually I have so many favorites, this post is going to be a bit picture heavy.

Kim approached me about contributing to the book at the last TNNA in June. She was a bit under the gun at the time, and I told her anything she needed just let me know. She asked if I crocheted socks, and well even though I had at the time only ever crocheted one pair, I am always up for a challenge. And me being me, I wanted them to be completely wearable and cute. So I became a bit sock obsessed, hence the Cozy from the Toe UP patterns; and mastered socks for the book.

Ravissant Socks- are my version of lacy delicate socks. The basic structure is extended single crochet stitches on the sole and toe. For me, esc are the only way to crochet socks. I hate crocheting rounds and round of sc, I just get so bored. Plus, esc give you a thinner fabric which is great for socks. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock, which is pretty much my favorite for socks. It always has nice stitch definition and great stretch. Here's a picture of them blocking and a close-up of the stitch pattern. It's funny thinking about crocheting them last summer, especially with all the crazy traveling we were doing and they were my project through it all.

Sorbet Scarf- my other project in the book is a wide lacy scarf. It is crocheted with the lovely Sheep Shop 3, which is a silk merino wool blend. You can read all about it in the Sorbet sneak preview post I wrote, wow, a year ago! Here are some more pictures on flickr of the scarf. Oh, and the scarf comes fully diagrammed to help with the stitch patter and edging.

So enough about me. Here are some of my favorite projects in the book:

Shawlette in Chains by Kristin Omdahl
I just love the drape on the chain stitch pattern.

Sea Star Pendant by Katie Himmelberg
what can I say I am a sucker for motifs, esp when they are presented inside of something too.

Wire Hairpin-Lace Bowl by Donna Hulka
Isn't is just gorgeous! Now give a bowl like that and no one would believe you that you made it. It looks store bought. I just love it.

Trinity Lace Shrug by Annie Modesitt
Again, I just can't get enough of lace. Plus this one comes fully diagrammed to help with crocheting all the different stitch patterns.

Here's the lowdown on the projects in the book:
Total: 25
Garments (cardigans to shrugs): 4
Accessories (scarfs, socks, mittens, hats): 8
Jewelry: 3
Home Items (bowls, afghans, washcloths): 5
Bags: 3
Baby: 2

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Unknown said...

I love your scarf in the book. I haven't tried the interweave technique yet - but I love the look. I'm afraid I still do a lot of scarves, market bags and face cloths. There easy and I can watch TV at the same time. =D Tina "The Book Lady"