Twitter totally makes my job easier

For those of you out there who have not checked out Twitter, let me give you a brief description. Basically it is like IM'ing, but with a group of friends instead of just one. You decide who you want to "follow" and who you want to allow to "follow" you. All that means is that, who you "follow" you will receive their updates, and who "follows" you will receive yours. You can reply to any message you get from someone twittering both publicly (that everyone sees it) or privately (only the one person sees it). I have been twittering for months now, and its made me much closer to friends and family. Basically it turns my job from being very solitary to as social as I want on any given day. I can chat to any colleague I want if I need a break. Or like today, they drop such great tweets (little notes) that I have to share them with everyone. What kind of tweets? Well,...

Inside Crochet is now Digital again! Remember how upset we all were that we couldn't get Inside Crochet here in the US? Well, not anymore! You can now get the digital version here at this site. Looks like the price is around 8.50$ an issue, which is cheaper then if you are lucky enough to find it at Barnes and Noble for 10.99$ or so. I don't know the company, so it's on you to research it yourself. I'm just so excited it is available. Oh, and you can preview the new issue on the site too. Just click the "view item" button.

Webs has Sheep Shop Yarn on super sale. This one is actually sad. Sheep Shop is closing its doors, so Webs is closing out its inventory. I really like Sheep Shop. They have beautiful yarn which is lovely to crochet with. So much so that 3 of my patterns in the CBF line are in Sheep Shop. If you are looking for a nice gift for a crocheter or knitter, go check out the sale (and quick!). Once they are gone they are gone. For Crocheters, the Sheep 3 is my favorite. Lucky Clover, Sunflower Jumper, and Sorbet Scarf are all made from Sheep 3. I know I'm headed over now to pick up some.

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Very intersting crochet news!

I love your sample piece.