Knit and Crochet Today DVD

This just in:

You can now purchase the second 13 episodes of the 2nd season of the Emmy nominated PBS show Knit & Crochet Today at KCT's website.

Series 200 “B”
13 episode, 3 DVD set
plus CD of 24 free patterns

(see website for more details on cost and shipping)

Featuring host Brett Bara and knitting experts Kristin Nicholas and Maggie Pace, and crochet experts Robyn Chachula and Drew Emborsky.

Every episode is chock full of helpful tips, free patterns, interesting interviews and a bonus square for the “Afghan of the Week”

Featured designs by your favorite designers including: James Coviello, Amy O’Neill Houck, Susan B. Anderson, Edie Ackman, Melissa Morgan Oaks and many more.

Be inspired by our guests: Brandon Mably, James Coviello, Jennifer Acherman-Haywood, Erica Knight, Shannon Okey, Melissa Morgan-Oakes, Clara Parks, Mary Beth Temple, Karen Kendrick-Hands, and Isela Phelps.

Oh and I almost forgot! You can tune into Yarn Thing on Thursday at 11pm (EST) to try to win a copy of the DVD. Candi will be on Marly's show talking crochet and pbs. Check it out!

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