Hey Designers! Crochet Diagram Tutorials for Free

I get asked a lot about how I draw my crochet diagrams. And as most of you know, I use AutoCad. It's a drawing software package, that is not specific to crochet at all. Thus, I draw all my symbols and diagrams from scratch. I prefer this immensely over a canned crochet software package, since I can have total control over where I want to put my symbol, how it looks, etc. (To be honest, I know there are crochet software programs out there, but I don't even know their names, since I like drawing from scratch so much.)

I am not alone. Most designers I know use some form of a drawing software package too, whether it is Adobe Illustrator or another drawing package. We are all designers, and you wouldn't think our anal-ness would end at the design would you?

But there is great news for you guys looking for help using those drawing software packages!

Amie, from Nexstitch, is doing an amazing series of tutorials on using Adobe Illustrator to create symbols and diagrams on her blog. It is really in depth. Actually, I am totally blown away by her generosity. Her information is really valuable and she is giving it away. If you are looking to learn how to draw crochet diagrams, I would RUN over there. While you are there, be sure to give her lots of love (or buy a pattern, since I know they are planning a wedding and could use all the help they can get) for her amazing work that she seriously should charge a fee for. Yes, It is just that in-depth! Amie, you are amazingly awesome!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word. This information is priceless. I just went over there and left a big thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog post, Robyn! I saw the Craft Mag mention and noticed they linked to you and then, well, I saw your post. Thanks so much for mentioning the tutes. I'm hoping I'm just not talking to thin air. I hope people will use them as the impetus to give it try.

Jacqui Whiteley said...
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Jacqui Whiteley said...

Oh you are both wonderful and Nexstitch you are definately not talking to 'thin air'....I gave it a go and know you helped lots, like Amy I like to do my own thing from scratch and got very upset that I even bought a font and then, re did it!!! But have a few options for cad programs and even illustrator...right now I am in awe of the fact I can use lots of different programs and achieve a very professional diagram...I for one am very grateful for both of your efforts to spread the word!! I am in my 'creative' mode...and guess I will be like this for a few more months...I can't help testing my ideas further and recording them digitally and of course that means my hooks are by my side permanently too! Thank you Jacqui :)