Inside Crochet Goes Digital

This week Inside Crochet (the new crochet mag from the UK) opened up their digital subscription.

So of course, I ran out and had to download a copy immediately. That way I could tell you first hand how cool it is. I love magazines, but I don't love trying to find space to store them all. Knowing that, I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy a digital subscription.

The reading panel is very easy to navigate. You can zoom in or flip pages with ease. The table of contents is all linked up, so you can click directly to the pattern that interests you instead of flipping through all 100 pages. So far, I have really liked it. Best part is the price. If you get a subscription, the price per issue is 2 pounds (that's less then 3$).

One note of warning to US readers. The crochet terminology is all in UK terms. So you will have to learn to convert from a UK dc to a US sc. I know I can't do that in my head, so I would have to mark it all down. The good news is that all my patterns have their crochet diagrams, which are international; so you will have no translation issues if you just use the diagrams.


cveditions said...

I ordered the download yesterday. Their tech people were very helpful when I had trouble understanding the download process. It's a great issue fascinating read and great patterns... yours included!

Unknown said...

Thanks for pointing us in the direction of this magazine! I downloaded it today & had to immediately browse it! Good price for a nice magazine. The free trial issue is even better! :)

Anonymous said...
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