Urban Wave Top Revealed

This week I got my copy of the new Crochet Today May/ June Issue. In it you will find, the Urban Wave Top. Here was the sneak peek.

If you remember, I created this guy in 3 days. That's 3 days for the design, crochet, sewing, and writing. Brett gave me the inspiration. Her idea was an Urban Outfitter-ish chevron top half then a fabric body. We chatted about the stitch pattern a bunch, I sent her a bunch of swatches and sketches. From my swatch and sketch, she picked out the fabric. Then I assembled it all together. It was a definite collaboration, which I absolutely love.

The top half is actually not that hard at all. It is 2 panels. The are parallelograms in shape. The wave pattern is all sc, dc, or dtr. No fancy stitches. They are connected by a chain under the arms, and a few rounds of sc. The fabric body is one tube, that you gather at the top and sew to the body. The sewing is really basic, since I have no idea how to write anything more complicated.

I love the final look. I think it totally looks like its from the summer collection at Urban Outfitters or the like. If I wasn't so huge at the moment, I would definitely make one for myself for summer. Especially since I know it only takes 3 days to make!

Here are some more of my pictures on flickr, with a close-up of the zipper and side seams too.

Hope you enjoy the issue!


Robyn said...

Email from a reader:

Hi Robyn,

I would leave this in the comments of your blog, but somehow my computer never lets me leave comments.
You could easily make the fabric body of this top maternity for yourself.
If you lay out the rectangle of fabric, wherever the tummy would be, just draw a large semicircle along the bottom hem, extending down, and gradually blend it to the hem where your back would be. Then, tilt the side seams, so the resulting shape is similar to a triangle with the point chopped off. You might need to fiddle with it (make some test versions out of scrap fabric).
That will give you the extra room you need for a growing belly. I think this is a great pattern for maternity, since the seam is right up under the bustline.
And congratulations!!!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~Jamie ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Michell said...

OMGOODNESS! This is one of my very FAVS from this edition! In fact I am trying to get it done for my daugther for an "Easter Mommy" gift. :) Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!!!