Round Two..... Day in the Life Begins Next Week.

{Ding, Ding}

Come one, come all! Come read some truly interesting people's lives next week.
Series #2 of the "Day in the Life" Blog Posts starts next Monday, June 2nd. This time we have a great collection of CROCHET INSIDERS. Yup, the people who help make my and your crochet world go round just a bit brighter and certainly more clearer each day. Here's the line up:
Monday, June 2nd, Annie Modesitt, Modeknit, Bi-textural designer of many many fabulous designs, author of new book (releasing this fall), Knit with Courage, Live with Hope.
Tuesday, June 3rd, Kristin Omdahl, Styled By Kristin, Bi-textural designer of breath taking garments (remember that dazzling spiraled tunic from Crochet Me?), author of new book (releasing this fall), Wrapped in Crochet.
Wednesday, June 4th, Brett Bara, Manhattan Craft Room, editor of Crochet Today, host of Knit and Crochet Today, and all around super crafty maven.
Thursday, June 5th, Julie Holetz, SkaMama, technical wonder woman (she's my editor on Blueprint Crochet- so I {heart} her!) on many crochet books and magazines, author of Uncommon Crochet.
Friday, June 6th, Annette Petavy, Mots et mailles, Designer extraordinaire (I think I have fallen for every design she has published in Interweave Crochet!), living and blogging her bi-lingual design and crochet advice from France.
So yeah, next week is going to totally rock! I can't wait!
Can't wait that long? Then you can check out Megan's blog on her day in the life. Megan is a crochet designer and contract crocheter living in Portland. She has helped me many times stitching up some great garments.


minimomes1 said...

I can't wait. I absolutely loved the first installment. But wait, I'm going to be away from my computer for a few days, no Ravelry, no blogs... (deep breaths).

Can you tell that I'm really looking forward to this? What a great idea this was! I'm particularly looking forward to hearing about Annette's day (I follow her blog).


SAM said...

Hey Robyn,

I have been mia in the blogosphere for a long time. I so very excited about your book. I hope to see it and you at TNNA. As I have told you many times - you amaze me and your designs are fabulous!

cpullum said...

I also can't wait!!!