Crochet Today July/ August Sneak Preview

Look what that wonderful Mailman just brought me!

Crochet Today's Summer Issue- Awesome! (the best part- ok not really the "best"- but the part that made me giggle- is that it matches my new crocs- can you tell I'm slightly obsessed with them?) This issue is awesome. Really. It's packed with great projects. I really think you are going to love it. Brett's necklace is the cover. I love this necklace, I was playing with it on set a bunch. That and the other necklace in the issue too. I just adore them for summer.

Other awesome projects are by great designers like, Drew's Shawl, Doris's Sleeveless Top, Amy's article on ease, Vicki's Cover Up, Melissa's Mosaic Afghan, Ellen's dots blanket, Linda's Embellished top, and Regina's Lobster. But Doris's Top is my favorite. I got to see it while we were filming Knit and Crochet Today. Actually (and she doesn't know this) I wore it around backstage strutting my stuff, I just think its the cutest summer top. It also looks great on top of an off-the-shoulder top with a wide belt at the waist (as I was modeling it for the crew), which I don't have a picture of. BTW, did you know Doris has a blog? Oh yeah, its awesome too.

There are a couple of big Robyn things in the mag. Brett mentions in her cover letter that Drew and I are the crocheting guru's on the show. (big grin) I have a Vintage remix project that was totally fun to create. (which also match my crocs) AND... There's an excerpt from my book, Blueprint Crochet. Yup! You get a peak into the book, months before it comes out- you lucky ducks!

The Vintage project was totally challenging and rewarding. The assignment was to change this vintage sailor top into today's styles. Boy, where to start right? I knew I was going to ditch a lot of the style (really I only kept the length) so I wanted to stay as true to the stitch pattern as possible. I swatched a bunch, until I thought I was pretty close and I still could get the top to drape. Brett and Sara were thinking stripes, I was thinking boatneck, added them together threw in some buttons and a bow; and voila. Funny thing about the project was that it was totally last minute for me. It was when I was finishing the booklet and work for 2 other mags. It was a bit nutty. I am though very pleased with how they photographed it. I think it looks great.
Really its a great issue, I'm heading back under the covers to look at more of its great stuff.

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Brett Bara said...

thanks for the nice words about the new issue!