Sneak Preview Weekly

Welcome to Issue #2 of Sneak Preview Weekly.

Today's project will be featured in my new booklet.

It is a cardigan jacket that I talked about on the blog a few weeks ago. The fabulous Ginny helped me with a lot of the crocheting. Actually all I had to do was add the buttons and the arm bands. I really like the texture it came out with. I can be fearful of variegated yarn, but I really like the fabric it created on this jacket. I can tell you, Suzie looks mighty cute in it. Faye keeps sticking her nose up the sleeve, so it gets her approval too. So much "approval" that I had to quarantine it from her. (Got to love nosy puppies!)


YarnThing said...

That looks great! I love those colors!


naomi said...

Ohh, I like it !