Book Review: Get Your Crochet On!

Surprise! I got a little gift of time off from work today. The poor furnace at our office went kaput, so everyone was asked to stay home (where it’s warm). Now, I should have been using the time to finish my very last pattern to edit for the book. But no, evidently I like dragging the editing out. Instead, I finally got to crack open a couple books that have been sitting on my desk.

So yeah! Surprise book reviews today!
Book Review:
By Afya Ibomu

I have to say right off the bat, I love the title. That's exactly how I feel some days, I just have to get my crochet on. Afya wooed me the first time with her wonderful hat book, Hip Hats and Cool Caps, she has followed it up with a unique blend of urban crochet wearables.

The Goods:

Each pattern is well organized with unique formats that I really like. For example, each size has its own color. So if you are a large you follow the blue number, if you are a small follow the green numbers. Handy huh? Pretty nice. Also she has pictures of more confusing techniques so you don't get lost. You can definitely tell she is a crocheter with these handy items. I am the least fly person out there, but I dig a lot of the projects. My favorites are Holla Back (to the right), Shoulder Lean (below), and Dashiki, all of which I could see myself wearing to the beach easily.

The Hums:

My only "hum" moment is that none of the specific yarns are listed with the projects. She lists the weight of yarn to use, but not the brand. So if you really only like crocheting with the exact materials, you will have to go on a little hunt to find the yarn.


Tops (Ranging from Tube Tops to Short sleeve Tunics) - 12

Men’s (Tees and Necktie)- 3

Socks - 1

Belts (Men’s and Women’s) - 5

Jewelry - 4

Other (Gloves, Scarves, etc) - 5

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Amanda said...

I have both of her books and really love them. The only hum in the hat book I found was that they are a bit bigger. Being I don't have big hair, I had to tweek the pattern a little. But I made several of them for my bff that has dreadlocks.

I'm making lil ma right now. It's very easy to follow.One thing I wish was there were cup sizes for her tops that have a bikin style. I agree with you that I wish she would tell us what yarn she is using.