Booklet Progress: Project 2 Pattern Completed

I'm working away on the projects in the new booklet. Here's more conversation on the project I finished the pattern for last week. By the way, last week I got the shipment of yarn for all the projects in the booklet and chuckled since the box was bigger then Faye. (I labeled which yarn goes with which project if you were curious.)

Project 2: Baby Pullover
Pattern Complete, Sample in progress

1. Why did you choose this project for your booklet?
Even though I adore designing women's garments, I know as a crocheter my favorite projects are the ones I made for my nieces and nephews. So in the booklet, I wanted to have a few projects that you can make quickly and give as gifts. And some of my favorite gifts have been baby clothes.

2. What drew you to this crochet stitch/square?
I have loved this stitch for awhile. I have used it in lots of proposals from socks to jackets, and its the same stitch as the cover sweater of CrochetMe. Its textured and elastic, how many of those are out there? Plus, the stitch pattern is easy, and I really wanted to keep the skill level easy on this project.

3. Did any of the project change while you were writing?
My first sketch of the pullover, showed a cute mock turtleneck pullover that buttoned up the shoulder. I thought the buttons would be a sweet touch on the shoulder, but then I thought of the baby instead of myself. I thought there is no way to comfortably play in this sweater or get it on or off. So half way through writing, I changed it to a half zip-up sweater, kinda like this one. This way its much easier to get on and off and the buttons won't be bopping the cutie in the head.

4. What inspired the color choice?
The yarn company has this fantastic orange in there line. Its bright, but not too loud. And muted, but not too muted. I actually have admired it for a little while, since I have already used it in a previous project. I knew I wanted this color in the sweater, so I decided to mix it with a smokey blue and khaki color. I thought between the waffly stitch pattern and these colors the sweater would get a modern rustic look.

5. What is your goal with this project?
The main goal was to make a quick baby sweater that not only you would like to crochet, but the baby would like to wear. I know the stitch pattern will be really cozy against their skin. And even though it is easy to crochet, I think it will keep you entertained. I guess only time will tell if I bargained correctly.

Stay tuned to see the sneak peek to see how the project came out.


AndreaLea said...

Great post, as always. I really appreciate your insight into the design process!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the sneak peek. I have a five month old baby girl and would love to crochet this for her. Thanks for designing something without buttons. She's starting to put everything in her mouth now, and buttons make me nervous. Reading your blog is a nice break from looking after my kids (I have two older daughters). I daydream about one day having more time to crochet!

Mary Sarah said...

Great post! I love reading about your projects, seeing your samples and the box of yarn and project ideas is fun!