Moravian Star

Moravian Star
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Every year I make one new ornament for the tree. This year I was totally inspired by Norah Gaughan's blog, and made a Moravian star. Crocheting it was easy. photographing it a pain. You can see my other crummy shot on flickr.


Courtney said...

AWESOME! Is there anything that you can't make???

Faith said...

That's so cool!! I can't figure out how you would do that, lol! Love it!

Vashti Braha said...

Reminds me of the Pokemon named Togepi, which has kind of a crown-shaped head. Thanks for the inspiration to tackle the crochet pattern for it! I figured I'd just start it and go, but the pattern's only in Japanese and I keep putting it off because it starts off with the star points. (Photo at http://toydesigningvashti.blogspot.com ).