Crochet Finishing Techniques Class

While away last weekend, another one of my super secret projects released.  So secretly, that I was having a wonderful lunch with Ellen Gormley when she congratulated me on the new online class.  I looked at her like she was psychic, since I knew I didn't tell her.  She laughed and said it released that morning by email.  It was really funny, I honestly was amazed by her psychic ablities.

Anyway, I am so happy to talk about another DVD/ Video Download class I have for you guys.  You should know that I LOVE to teach.  Unfortunately, I can't travel as much as some of my fabulous colleagues with the little people being so young.  So doing these online workshops, I just adore.  I get to teach and hear from all of you fantastic crocheters, and now I can be wherever you are.

In this class, Crochet Finishing Techniques, I took everything that is in that little paragraph at the end of patterns and one by one explained how and why you want to do what it says.  Have you ever done exactly what that little finishing paragraph says and wondered why it took you as long or longer then to just crochet the panels?  Have you ever thought wait, how do it "block, seam, edge, add buttons"? Have you ever wondered what happens if you just take a scissors to your swatch and cut it?

On set
I go through in lots of detail how to do everything.  And you are not wrong.  Finishing properly does take time, but if you do it "right" it can be fun.  And you can actually completely change the look of a sweater to be custom to you.  I know it doesn't sound fun to say seam or edge a sweater, but it can be and it can be creative.  In class, I show you exactly how I finish all my sweaters and what I do to keep it fun for myself too. I also show how to cut your crochet, both in the row and on the edge; when you have a mistake or want to add an afterthought button or pocket.

Closeup of set
Here is what you can find in the class:
- Blocking- Step by step on how to block by steam, water, and spray.  And what fibers like what method.
- Seams- Sewn seams and when to use them, Crochet seams and why they are fun, fast, and STRONG.
- Cutting Crochet- Anything from moving a buttonhole (like in my tutorial) to adding in pockets
- Edging- How exactly to "sc evenly along the edge" and ribbing that is elastic, ribbing that lays flat, embroidery that can save you heartache later, ruffle and lace
- Closures- How to easily add in zippers, hook and eyes, buttons, and frog closures
- Szechuan Sweater to practice your new skills
- and a handout to follow along in the class

Set and Cameras
You will notice in class I brought with me a literal ton of sweaters to look at.  I have sweaters from Blueprint Crochet Sweaters, Simply Crochet, Blueprint Crochet , Interweave Crochet and more to take apart and look at how they have been finished.  You can see from my backstage photo that I really did bring a ton, every segment has at least 6 new sweaters to look at.  If the set looks familiar, you are right!  I filmed the workshop in Cleveland on Vickie Howell's Knitting Daily TV set.  Isn't the colors fantastic?  I love the salmon, aqua, gray, color scheme.  It was so bright and cheerful for the snowy wintery day we filmed.  And we filmed in record time, once again!  I got to the set probably at 9 or 10, and by five we had finished.  That includes and hour for makeup, and hour or more to set up, and hour for lunch; and stopping every 2.5hrs so I could pump.  Talk about crazy!  I am never that much on point.  I guess when you are really excited about what you are talking about it can go very fast.

Backstage, each tray holds one segment we filmed
I hope you all enjoy the class.  It really should take all the guess work out of finishing your next project!

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bonjour, j' aime beaucoup cette vidéo un très beau tuto c' est très explicite bravo a bientôt