Berroco Free Patterns Collection

If you have been following along on Twitter and Facebook, you know that I did a collection of crochet patterns for KnitBits that are available for free on their website. The last of the patterns was released last friday.

I adored working on this collection of patterns.  I worked very closely with everyone at Berroco and Norah Gaughan.  I am extremely proud of this collection.  I know every designer loves the latest project they finished, but these I really love and it is over a year later.  The theme was texture and lace on modern shapes.  It blends what I adore on Norah's style and what I love to crochet.  Working with Norah, really "up'd" my game I think. Her style inspirations for me where perfect for crochet.  Being free to not worry about space, we could do stitch patterns that did not have to fit in a few short pages.  Our stitch patterns could be more intricate and longer, not necessarily harder.  Just bigger.  Not to worry, every pattern has many detailed stitch diagrams that guide you through every step.  One of my favorite things about working with Berroco is they are so affordable for really great quality yarn.  Some of these projects you can make for under 30$, and not with crummy yarn but really nice quality yarn.

My favorite thing is watching real life reactions to the projects.  I had a number of them on display in my booth at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival.  I stopped counting the first day after the 50 person said "no way, these are crochet?"

Here is the complete collection

Berne Vest
Ravelry Photos
Captiva Yarn

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Andrea said...

These look great! I'm especially looking forward to trying out the Genoa Tunic (my summer project, perhaps?).