Winnie and Ottis Baby Blankets


I just wanted to take a minute more to talk about the two projects on my workshop video, Unexpected Crochet Stitches for Afghans and Beyond.  These two blankets are pretty special to me since I designed them for specific people and not really for the workshop.  Was just a great instance when they worked perfectly to help the video too!

About 2 years ago we moved from Cincinnati, OH to Pittsburgh, PA to be closer to family, but we left behind another family of ours, our friends.  Our friends in Cincinnati have been through the same economic war that we had with all of us being either Architects or Engineers   At one point, over half of all architectural professionals in Cincinnati were laid off at the same time.  Needless to say, that bonds friends together, especially when we all are in the same boat.  I was lucky being 8 months pregnant, I did not have time to worry about being laid off, I had a little monkey on the way!  (and another career that I could fall back on, since I was doing both engineering and crocheting full-time)  But through supporting each other and a lot of laughter, we have all came out of it and are all employed in better positions then when we were laid off.  The other great turn of events was that nearly all of our friends got pregnant too.  So besides being in better states of minds, they all have new peanuts I can snuggle!  And I mean a lot of babies!
Winnie Tunisian and Ottis Colorblock
Baby Blankets

Which got me thinking, what do you make for architect offspring?  Architects are terribly hard to design for since they are immersed in design all day.  I knew that basic granny squares were just not going to cut it for those babies.  Step in these projects.  The idea was stylish, colorful, and useful blankets.  I wanted something I knew the parents have never seen before, but still would have that touch of home that would make them use the blankets.  I didn't want them to just dress up the room, but actually be used to play or snuggle.

To help with the useful factor, I turned to Berocco yarn.  Besides being totally affordable (the yarn for these is around 30$)  they have great washable yarn in fun colors.  Ottis Colorblock uses Berroco Comfort in 3 colors.  Comfort is a very soft acrylic nylon blend.  Winnie Tunisian used Berroco Weekend in 3 colors as well.  Weekend is a cotton acrylic blend that whizzes off the hook.  Both blankets went really fast.  Rebecca crocheted Ottis in one weekend for me (and she has a 3 yr old to run after).  I crocheted Winnie in about a week (I crochet while putting my monkey to sleep).  Neither are a huge time commitment, and besides that the video shows the techniques used, each pattern is has clear written instructions as well as crochet diagrams.

Ottis techniques  mosaic crochet, joining blocks with crochet, sl st embroidery in the border.

Winnie techniques: Entrelac, color work in Tunisian, Lace Border.

I am really happy how these turned out, and hopefully their namesakes will like them as much!

Ottis Colorblock Baby Blanket,
Unexpected Crochet Stitches Workshop
Winnie and Ottis Baby Blankets
Winnie Tunisian Entrelac Afghan,
Unexpected Crochet Stitches Workshop
Closeup of blankets


Angelfire212 said...

I am now officially in love with these blankets! After Christmas, I'm so getting this download, and making them for my monkeys! They will love cuddling up in them.

Voie de Vie said...

Nothing like blocks to make architects happy! These turned out super sweet.