Surprise: Unexpected Crochet Stitches Workshop is Available!

Look what I found today!

2 Baby Blankets
Included in Workshop 

This is the first half of my Super Secret Project I taped in September.

The workshop video will be available in a DVD or as a download (right now!).  As with all my classes, there is an extensive handout.  For this class, the handout like a mini crochet stitch dictionary; packed with tips and over 20 stitch patterns.  If you ever wished that you could see a stitch dictionary in action, this class is for you!  The class also has 2 new crochet projects.  The projects are baby blankets that combine a lot of the techniques you learn in the workshop.  Ottis Colorblock uses simple stripes to get a unique fabric pattern.  It is a great blanket for the boys in your life, its a great cure for the "lite blue blues".  Winnie Entrelac is a fun colorwork Tunisian afghan that mimics a woven look.  It is actually quite easy once you see the technique in the workshop.  Its one of my new favorite ways to do Tunisian crochet now.   In the video you will see all 29 projects from Unexpected Afghans and over 100 swatches from Crochet Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia .

Winnie Tunisian Entrelac Blanket
The video covers 5 types of crochet; Colorwork, Cables, Granny Squares, Tunisian, and Lace crochet.  I include every tip I have in my arsenal for crocheting each of these techniques to take them from so so results to stunning.  Colorwork shows easy ways to just use strips or embroidery so you are only using one yarn color at a time in a row, for results that look like anything but stripes.  Cables shows so of the most impressive texture I know that can be made with crochet, and how easy they really can be once you break them down.  Granny Squares we jump into combining them with anything but sewing.  Tunisian crochet we quickly review the basics then get into super fun and easy ways to add color.  In Tunisian crochet we also discuss my favorite, Entrelac.  You can get large projects with only a tiny hook, instead of a giant cable.  We end with lace crochet which will always hold a special place in my heart.  We break down even the most challenging lace patterns so that everything is just one step at a step.

Ottis Colorblock Afghan
The workshop DVD will be available at Interweave.com Nov 30, the download is ready now.  With either the DVD or download, you will get the workshop video, class handout (mini- stitch dictionary), and 2 baby blanket patterns. Hope you enjoy!  I had a lot of fun gathering together all the samples to demo on the film and to share with you!  Can't wait to hear what you think!

**by the way, I am not that stiff through the whole class!  In the preview, I had to read a script and since I am dyslexic- it was like a nightmare for me.  Honestly, I talk normal on the rest of the video!  It does crack me up though!**

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