Show me your Stitches!

I am starting another new series here on the blog: Show me Your Stitches!

I get to only see a few finished crochet projects from my designs, but every time I just beam with joy getting to see another's finished project.  I thought you all would enjoy seeing some as well.  If you have any finished projects of my designs, I would love to feature them.  Send me a picture and a note with the yarn you used and any other notes you would like me to share.  You can email me,  ravelry message me, or twitter private message me.

First installment is Paint by Numbers Dress in Crochet Today.
This adorable version was crocheted by Katelyn Moll for her niece.  Katelyn added that she lengthened the dress for the baby.  Isn't it fantastic?  She used the same yarn as called for in the pattern, and looks like same colorway to me too.  I think it came out great, what do you guys think?

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