Purses for Preeclampsia Take Two

Sometimes I just LOVE yarn people.

Last week, Jordana Paige's site got jammed with so much traffic for her benefit sale, that it actually crashed the server. It stinks for the sale, but warmed my heart so much to see how much we all support each other!  Her team worked very hard on that sale and now is re-releasing it on a much larger site for tomorrow.  Secretly, I totally was one of the lucky ones and got in my order before the site crashed.  (that's not the secret)  I will definitely be coming back tomorrow to see if I can score another bag!  What a great present- donation and fashion in one!

I am sending them all the best for tomorrow.  I hope she has a ton of success for the cause!

More info on her site.

Purses for Preeclampsia
Purses for Preeclampsia: Sale Thursday, July 26th
$50 "Imperfect" Handbag Sale to Benefit the Preeclampsia Foundation

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