Simply Crochet's Countdown to Fun: Botan Placemats

Hanging out with the very funny Marly Bird today. Marly makes me giggle literally every time we chat, even when I am being a grump (which is quite a lot). You have to love a person like that.

These placemats are like that to me. They make me smile. I can only imagine having my cereal on them and smiling even before I can get that first sip of coffee. They are felted so you can use them as real placemats, which I love. I am not so into ones for decoration only, these guys are the real deal. They use 3 balls of yarn for a set, so you can change your table every season if you want for cheap.

If you need a bit of Marly, go check out her Craftsy online classes. I love online classes. Especially when it is with a great teacher like Marly too. She has that special balance of being able to teach you very complex ideas and have you still be relaxed and having fun. Can't go wrong with that!

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sajuki said...

amazing :D