Simply Crochet's Countdown to Fun: Tapestry Basket

I love projects like the one on today's tour stop. It is useful. I love filling my house with crochet that we can use and touch every day. Especially since sometimes it is too hot or too cold to wear crochet; but there is no climate that crochet house stuff doesn't work for.

Carol Ventura is the hands down expert on Tapestry Crochet. She is the master, so I knew I had to have her a part of the book. Her work is so unique that again, it just is inspiring. The design in the basket is very minimal but it packs a great wallop. You can see playing around with color the basketweave pattern can jump out or recede. I love it. You have to check out her blog just to see the before and after shot of the felting. Amazing right?

Tapestry and felting just seem to go together. As do beading and tapestry. Oh wait, I know someone wrote a book on that. Yup, it was Carol. Her book Bead and Felted Tapestry Crochet combines them all together in truly unique projects. I think the basket in that book is one of my favorite tapestry crochet pieces. (My favorite Carol tapestry project you will see in a book later in 2012.) Anyway, go check out the book you will really enjoy it.


TapestryCrochet said...

The book is fabulous! Thanks so much, Robyn, for including my felted tapestry crochet basket. I always enjoy the challenge of working with new fibers, colors, and motifs.

Stitches and Stuffing said...

Wow! That is beautiful! I was just thinking that I needed a nice crocheted basket to keep my yarn organized while I'm working, this is right up my alley.