Slowly Getting there

I am slowly, slowly getting through my mountain of work. I can't believe that I only have one project to crochet at the moment. I have two coming but the yarn is not here, so I am pretending they don't exist. Even better is that I only have 2 patterns to write and some technical stuff for the 3rd book. (The picture is another preview of the book, if you have been following these random previews. I have been really really closed lipped about this book on purpose. The content is so awesome that I want it to speak for itself when it comes out next year. All I can say is hold on to your hats!)

My goal is to tie up all these loose ends by the middle of August so I can clear the decks. Literally. I want to throw out everything in my office and finally move in. I need to start sketching and swatching this month for another big project-- and I just can't think in all that junk.

The good news is my family just welcomed another baby this past weekend; so I have another baby to spoil and then give back to her mother. Love that! At least she will keep my hands crocheting, coming up with something cute for her to wear.

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