Best of Knit It

Charity Shawl

This week a got a copy of the book Best of Knit It. Do you remember Knit It? It was a magazine for simpler knitting patterns. I actually loved it. It was all projects that I could tackle at the time.

Well, we now share publishers (Wiley) and they got in a jam and asked me to help them out. They needed a charity shawl that looked really close to the knitted version they already had in about a week. My handy crocheter came to all our rescue and whipped up my design in no time. The result is above and to the side. It came out really cozy in my opinion. Nice to snuggle up with in the winter.

The book has 100 patterns in it of both knitting and crochet. I counted over 30 crochet patterns. So worth your while if you only do one or the other too, especially for the price. The cover shrug I still love all these years later and would still totally make for myself. I will warn you there are some.. eh, winners?... in there. You will see what I mean, but brace yourself for some bulky novelty yarn in a handful of patterns. Most you will like, though, so do just skip those pages. There are sweaters, blankets, toys, hats, and more that have lace, cables, and colorwork. I will also caution that there are no stitch diagrams for the crochet patterns, if you really like them. It is a nice collection though, and a huge book for the price. I mean, 100 patterns?, that is a ton!

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