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I have been quiet on twitter and the blog world for a few days since I am in a crunch again. I feel like I am never going to get out of that feeling, but I know I will start finishing these giant books soon.

I finished the first round of edits of the galley copy of Crochet Stitches Visual Encylopedia on monday. That beast of a book had to have over 50 pages cut, it is just that big. I think we were over 300 pages. That is amazing to me since we already cut 50 patterns while I was writing. Can you imagine if we left those in? Needless to say that ate all my free time this weekend (esp since I messed up the deadlines and thought I had another week...)

So I went from turning that in, to finishing up this project. It is for a winter crochet magazine and it is pretty obviously has some classic grannies. The rest you will have to wait to see. But this guy, had me up super late last night crocheting away.

Of course, I have been grinding away all after normal hours since our family from Louisiana is up visiting. Only figures I have crazy deadlines when they are here. So my days have been so funny. Do something fun and touristy in the day, crochet/ write the night away.

At least I am starting to make a small dent in my to do list. I have another chunk to edit and write for Book 3 (of this year) and then I will really feel better. Off to clean the house a bit then jump back in.


Yarn Princess said...

Does this mean that the Amazon description is inaccurate? It list that it has over 350 patterns but 256 pages. How are the edits affecting this???

(And fwiw, I've already had it pre-ordered.

Robyn said...

good question! there will be 256pages at least for sure. we had to get rid of every ounce of white space on the page and pack in crochet diagrams. so lots of pictures are reduced. its an interesting process. it still has a giant amount of cool things in it.