BBC Tour Stop: Lindamade

Linda and I (at least I feel) are kindred spirits. While chatting one day over twitter, we both realized that we were writing crochet baby books at the same time. At TNNA we got to look at galleys of both of our books together and chuckled.

See, I love Linda's work. Her sense of color and whimsy I strive to do in my work. When I was paging through her preview copy, I thought this is like an extention of my book. How cool right? We keep hoping our books will be paired on Amazon, as buy with this book for even more savings. B/c our books just naturally feel like they should go together.

Her book, Little Crochet, does not come out till this Spring. (I know, bummer- I am so excited) It will be worth the wait though. It has super cute projects in it. I can't wait to see her baby mantra, I know she has one too.

Till then you can check out what she is up to over at Lindamade.

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