BBC Tour Stop: Getting Loopy Podcast

Come see me tonight at 9pm (EST) over at Getting Loopy. Mary Beth has many many irons in the fire of the crochet world. She's got Getting Loopy the podcast, Hooked For Life (her pattern line), plus her books. Check her out when you get a chance, you will definitely find something new.

I will say upfront that I will be completely hyped up on the show. See as I write this I am in beautiful and sunny Phoenix. My flight back from Phoenix to Pittsburgh gets in at 7pm, so hope for clear skies! What is funnier is that it is 20 and snowing in the burgh currently. If the flight is good, I will get to shovel out my car and race home to be on the show. So hope for clear skies and roads!

Side note: On this trip (all of 3 days) I brought 5 projects and was worried I would not have enough. I have worked on 2. I am such a nut, especially since I flew out to spend time with my best friend's newborn. And there is nothing I rather do then crochet, except for cuddling a newborn.

If today does not work out, you can always catch Mary Beth and I in person. I think I forgot to mention that before. We both will be teaching at DFW Fiber Fest in Texas this April. It should be a complete blast.

Hope you can join us!

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