BBC Tour Stop: Manhattan Craft Room

Today we are stopping at my good friend, Brett Bara's studio.

Brett and I met at a CGOA conference years ago and quickly found out that we had tons in common. Like she is a Pittsburgher, like Mr CBF and now me too; and she was good friends with my next door neighbor at my Dad's house. Weird stuff like that. Besides we both love crochet, knitting, and crafts in general.

I was lucky enough to tape a season of Knit and Crochet Today with Brett and it was a blast. Being on camera was so easy, because I was just talking to Brett like I normally do but cameras were rolling. We had so much fun that week, it was like summer camp.

Brett has recently left Crochet Today to do some freelance. Her first book comes out this summer and looks fantastic. If you have been following her blog, her sewing projects are adorable; so I can only imagine that her book will be ten times as fun.

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