BBC Tour Stop: The Crochet Dude

Our final stop this week is hanging out with Drew.

Drew and I have been friends for quite a while. We actually met in person at one of my first CGOA conferences where I had a booth selling patterns with another friend (hi Lisa!). Drew is so warm and lovable you just want to hang out and crochet with him. The other nice thing about Drew and I is our careers started about the same time, our first books came out around the same time (that's us signing each other
's books at Yarntopia together), and we got to tape Knit and Crochet Now together.

I love watching his empire grow, especially since I can say I knew him when... Like when he didn't have his own line of hooks... Or like when he didn't have his own line of booklets in Michaels... Or like when he didn't have any books out and just published is first pattern.

Be sure to stop by his blog and stay a while. You will fall in love with his cats, garden, humor, and crochet.

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