Next Book Sneak Peek
Withstanding a few buttons, the next book is D U N (done for those not used to pittsburgh-ease).

The weight being lifted is great. Now the magic will happen with photography, editing, and book layouts. I am so lucky to be able to work with such talented people at Interweave that really do make my ramblings look incredible. (I mean, just look at BBC- it would not have nearly looked as amazing without them.)

I only have 3 sneak peaks on this book. I also need to keep super quiet on the subject too. It is something I hold really dear though, and I think the topic will surprise when it comes out next fall. (yes, we have to wait 9 mths for the magic to happen). I was lucky enough to finally have a live model for at least one of the projects though. Nice how that happens. Now to hop on the next 2 books....

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