BBC Tour Stop: Styled by Kristin

Today we are heading south to stop in Kristin Omdahl's studio.

Kristin's crochet and knitting design make me so excited at the incredible beauty of the crafts. She blends mathematical and organic designs so seamlessly it makes it look easy, while I sit and go "wow I never thought of that, man that is amazing"!

Luckily, Kristin and I got friendly after all the conferences we get to attend. I can tell you that she is as friendly or more then what you see on Knitting Daily. She is just someone you want by your side whether you are stitching or having a drink.

Kristin has 2 new books out. Both are incredibly beautiful. Crochet so Fine with romantic designs, and A Knitting Wrapsody with fantastic wraps and shawls. I think my favorite thing with Kristin is that she breaks all notions of both arts. She can make incredible lace motifs in knitting and flowing solid fabric in crochet. No matter what, she just makes you to want to take up your yarn and do something cool.

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crazymotheringchick said...

I had a chance to look through this book at Michael's the other day. If I had had the money, it would be in my house right now. I will go back on payday to pick it up. I was surprised at how many beautiful things I saw there that I want to make.