Nominated for a Flamie!

Holy Cow, you guys like me. I am so honored!

I just was tooling around Ravelry and noticed on the CLF group that they had posted a Vote for the Flamies award. I clicked the link, and was blown away!

Wondering what a Flamie is? It's the Crochet Awards given out by the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF) on Ravelry. Think Oscars for crocheters. Want to learn more? Here's the Ravelry link. Want to vote? Here's the link to the ballot (which is not on Ravelry, so anyone can vote).

CLF would love it if we could spread the word to all crocheters (on Ravelry or not).

Off to vote for my favorite designers!


Kiba said...

I haven't voted yet. I'm not familiar with the nominees in some of the categories. If there were a straight "Robyn Chachula" ticket, that's what I'd vote!

Kim said...

Congratulations on being nominated, that's an achievement in itself. I will go and vote as soon as I've left this for you. Good luck and hope you get the award.

Pyo said...

You got it coming, I tell you, it's all your fault!
You so deserve it ;o)