Fun in PA

This past weekend was a lot of fun in Pittsburgh. So much so, that I totally forgot to take more pictures. It was also funny in that "that's just plain odd" sense.

For example, my first class on Saturday, I knew I would be sharing a space with another class. I also knew that the other class started 30 mins before mine. So I got to the classroom 10 mins before the other one started, to start setting up and basically moving around all the loud stuff (like tables and chairs). Only there was one problem. We had NO tables and chairs! To make matters worse, to get to my side, my students had to totally walk in the middle of the other class space. I don't think I have laughed so hard in a while. That just about cracked me up. No worries though. You know us crocheters, we are resourceful to say the least! One student ran to the hotel desk to ask for tables and chairs, while I contacted the event coordinator so she knew what was up. Another helped me unpack as much as possible without tables to set thing one. Another told the rest of the class what was up and held them back in the hallway. Two more came and helped the one hotel worker unload our 5 tables and 25 chairs. It was like a well choreographed dance. I love crocheters! They really come to the rescue! I do still feel bad about the other instructor. I don't think she realized she had to share the space, and even though we were as quiet as possible; I am sure we distracted her flow. Besides, look at how they divided the space (you can see it in the pic above). Just some lattice between us. It ended up not being a problem, because you know if you have ever taken a class from me, I'm loud and move around a lot.

Speaking of the pic, that is some of the members of the Three Rivers Crochet Guild that took my class on Saturday. They are a great group! If you are in Pittsburgh, and need some crocheters to sit and stitch with they are your people. I also got a pic of Michele wearing her Paige Sweetheart top. Doesn't it look great!

Sunday's class was less eventful then Saturday, since we had chairs. But no tables. I know! We all started to laugh again as soon as we saw the room. Too funny.

Hope you all had a great weekend too! I'm now trying to recoup from being away and packing to go away again! This weekend is my very last book tour stop, and my last teaching gig for 2009. Yup, that's right. I'm taking a break till probably summer of 2010 on teaching. Traveling is fun, but balancing it with crochet work and engineering work and family life is a bit exhausting for me. I'm looking forward to a year of only traveling for family events and fun only. So I hope I see you guys there in Lansing this weekend!


Do the Day said...

Hi Robyn,
I really enjoyed your class on Saturday in Pittsburgh. Thank you for lending me your yarn to work with during class. (Didn't know until I got home that I walked out with it in my bag.)

I learned a lot; from moving a button hole and linked stitches, to blocking acrylics (who knew !). You are a spontaneous teacher! Easily working through the problems of the logistics of the classroom.

PJ in White Hall, MD

Amy said...

Thanks for a great class on Saturday morning. I'm sorry to hear that you won't be teaching for a while, but I hope when you start up again you'll return to Pittsburgh. Several of the classes you're teaching in Lansing sound like ones I would love to take!

And thanks again for the Yellow MerLin - a lovely belated birthday present. :-)

aka the pregnant one

Knit Purl Gurl said...

LOL! I was in the heirloom rug class in the same room - what a scheduling snafu! I'm also the random knitter who nabbed you for a pic! Perhaps next time you're in the area teaching classes my crochet skills will be better so that I can take your class. :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for being fantastic. last years festival in pgh lacked the brilliant crochet people like you. i'm so grateful that i got to take class on sat afternoon with you. I learned so much! but besides the techniques that you showed...making a button hole, new stitches, ect.....you really opened my mind to think outside of the box with crochet.

It was really an inspiring experience and it started my wheels turning. you make me want to start trying my own hand at design.
so thank you so much for this.
when you start classes again, i'll be looking to sign up!

thanks thanks thanks!
Meghan in greentree, pgh

ana_b said...

I'm so glad I ran into you on the way out on Sunday. I wish I could have taken your class, but unfortunately things didn't work out that way. Anyhow, I've been pushing your book to anyone that mentions crochet :D Hopefully you'll stop by in Pittsburgh again! I'll personally promise you tables and chairs:D