Storm in Lansing

Crochet Storm that is! We had a blast in Lansing at Threadbear last weekend. 4 classes in 3 days was a lot of stuff to pack, but so fun to do.

Lansing reminded us a lot of Penn State, so we got a bit nostalgic. For us, that's a large college town where the weather could be freezing and snowing and you are still out and about. Speaking of weather, it was cold, and I knew it was going to be cold; but I totally forgot to pack for it. On my morning walk, I looked like an Umpa Lumpa (I had to wear M's sweatshirt over my coat.)

On Saturday, the weather channel was calling for 5-8" of snow or more, so I was also worried that students would get stuck or worse in it. Luckily, the Friday class let me on to a Lansing secret, don't listen to the weatherman. It turned out that we got 2-3" that day, which was nothing to them. So much nothing, that in the height of the storm at the afternoon class on Saturday we ended up with more students not less. So many more, that I actually used up all my handouts (which never happens to me).

The students were awesome! All willing to help each other (which I love) and all definitely crochet fans. I have to give a big shout out to Tammie who drove from Canada to take all four classes. Hopefully I was worth the drive and weekend away! Faye also wants me to give a big kiss to Robin who brought her a present of doggie treats. (Robin she LOVES them! Thank you so much!)

The best part of the days were break where everyone would try to get in some shopping. Then coming back 10 mins later all saying, man this store is SO big, I am totally going to have to spend more time after class going through everything. It is true. The store is the largest I have seen, packed with goodies. Lots and lots of them. And they have the largest selection of hooks I have seen yet. (Besides crochet bags, that were extremely tempting.) I think it was a tad overwhelming to M. While we were driving home I mentioned all the shop samples they had, and he said "what samples?". I said, "you know the hundreds of sweaters that were hanging from the walls and ceiling." "I didn't see that." That's how impressive the store is, when my architect doesn't notice things hanging from the ceiling.

Thank you so much Rob and Matt for having us come out. We had a wonderful time with you and the puppies (even if they were terrified of Mr Meanie).

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Robin said...

You are very welcome! I'm happy Faye is enjoying her treats, and I'm happy you enjoyed your visit to Lansing. Please come back again soon.