Philly in the Fall

Come join me in some fun this Fall in Philadelphia!

On Nov14-15 th, I will be at the Loop on South Street teaching and signing books. If you are in the area, please come stop by. My family is from Philly, so I am super excited to be able to go back and see them and chat about crochet. See the Loop's website for complete details.

Beyond the Afghan 10-1

We will learn how to transform granny squares into amazing lace for sweaters and fun motifs for unique jewelry! Along the way we will learn to read crochet symbols, practice different fun lacy granny squares, learn how to read layout diagrams, how to play with blocks to get your own customized sweaters, and learn how to join granny squares in a variety of ways using only crocheting. That's right, no sewing required! Lastly we’ll talk about finishing techniques to transform your projects from ho-hum to wow-wow.
Take away Packet of how to read crochet symbols, granny square diagrams, crochet joinings, finishing techniques, and a pattern for the Crystal Lace Bolero.
Materials Needed Ball of plain yarn and matching hook, 2 granny squares (any size and any style)

Book Signing 2-5
Come hang out with me and stitch the afternoon away. I will have yarn to giveaway to some lucky people, too!


Crochet Like a Pro 10-1
In the class, we learn designer tips and tricks to make your work look sensational. We discuss the joys of blocking, the ways around frogging some of the worst mistakes (like how to move a button hole, and how to cut your crochet), finishing techniques that will make your garment look store bought. We will also try out different techniques to crochet colorwork and crochet with beads.
Materials Needed Students should bring any 2 balls of plain yarn (contrasting colors) and matching hook. One Swatch of 16 hdc across by 10 rows tall. After 6 rows, crochet 6hdc, ch 4, sk 4 hdc, 6 hdc in last sts. Next row, crochet in each hdc across and 4 hdc in ch-4 sp.
Take away Packet of all the tips and tricks we will learn during the class.

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Baby Sweater 2-5
In the class, we learn how to become our own crochet designer. We discuss baby garments from idea to conception. We talk about what yarns are good to use, what styles are easy to wear, and what stitches are best for kids. We will learn how to plan out a garment from stitch count to row count. Baby sweaters are a great stepping stone into garments since they do not require much shaping. By the end of the class, everyone will have their own design planned out for their unique baby sweater. This is a great class for any advanced beginner crocheter that is ready to take that next step into garment projects or for any aspiring designers that are looking for some tips.
Materials Needed One 6"x6" swatch in any yarn and any stitch pattern that you would like to build a baby sweater from, do not worry about type of yarn or stitch too much. This is just to start the class, so let your creative juices fly. Bring calculator and extra yarn and hooks to class.
Take away Packet of the steps and concepts we will learn during the class.


Dana (*danavee*) said...

YAY! I just signed up for both of your Sunday classes... I'm very excited to meet you! Will you sign my son's Summit Hill vest (provided, I , ahem, get it finished by then)?

Robyn said...

AWESOME! I would LOVE to see the vest that would be very cool!